Tallow: 7DRL Failure

Sadly, I had to stop work 3 days ago due to a combination of work deadlines and my daughter having a nasty cold. But here’s where I left it, warts and all. I’d put a webplayer version up, but there’s still nothing to do other than bump into the wandering statues.

I still have ideas I want to play with, so I’ll continue developing Tallow and see what I can make of it.

However, it’s been a great learning experience with Unity – I’ll be adjusting my workflow in a number of ways to streamline things – and it’s been exciting seeing what everyone else has been working on. I’m definitely in for the next one, unless it coincides with another crunch at work šŸ™‚

Well done to everyone who’s posted a finished game, and commiserations to anyone else who didn’t quite manage it. I’m enjoying poking around in all your gameworlds!

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