Free-Like Receives an Update

While I had my friends and a few other cohorts play my new rogue-like adventure, I was getting bothered by the fact that I skimmed over some features and left some big game elements out. I know my game for the 7DRL is supposed to be done, well, on the 7th day, but I just could not resist updating this darn thing with two key features and one minor update:

Saving / Loading Files using the FAT system on the Nintendo DS so DS users can save and play again.

-Restart the Game without Hard Resetting.

-Getting Stuck at “Loading … Bestiary” screen now fixed!

Download the new updates at

I have updated Free-Like with these two features. They do not impact the actual game play at all, so I think I will be fine in not considering this a 9DRL, they are just enhancements to make the game more user-friendly. I am sure this will be acceptable, right?

You can save your game at any time by choosing “Save Game” in the Options Menu when you press Start. You can Load your game at the title screen by pressing Select instead of Start. (The title screen tells you this too.)

When you die, you can simply press Start to begin a new game. The game will run through some functions to reset the whole game, and then you can start playing again. Note that this game does not let you save scum, so you will not be able to ever get your character back if you die, which is a good thing. (Or unless you back the file on your computer, which would be cheating of course.)

Emulator Players: You still cannot save by means of the FAT system. That is only for Nintendo DS flash cartridge players. You can still use the save and loading state features just fine and continue your game.

Enjoy! And I will not be updating this game anymore, because well, it doesn’t need updating, I am satisfied with the game play, I just really needed to add in those key little features to make the game experience better for the player.

Author: Joshua Sigona

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2 thoughts on “Free-Like Receives an Update”

  1. Patches that do not affect gameplay are considered acceptable. While the goal is to release something “gold”, we’d all rather get the straggling crashes and typos fixed than hold onto some pure definition.

    Ports to other platforms are always acceptable.

    It is considered good form to leave the original 7DRL version available for posterity, separate from post-7DRL patches, so people can judge for themselves how “true” your patches are :>

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