success: dungeonRL


I’ve completed a very basic game, dungeonRL.

You are a generic little guy that needs to find the amulet of yendor.  Find it and you win.


  • permadeath
  • items
  • monsters
  • high score
  • configure your own controls
  • random dungeons
  • you can add tile sets for the rooms by editing an xml file

Development was done in C++.  I used the SDL, SDL_mixer, SDL_image, SDL_ttf, and OpenGL libraries.

Linux Download

Windows Download


4 thoughts on “success: dungeonRL”

  1. Died also, perhaps if was hunger…didn’t see any message about it though…
    Sweet game, nice gfx and neat snd/music making this 7drl very refreshing and easy to play. Would love to see a this roguelike updated with more features in the future!

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