Success: Inversion Of Control

Introducing my entrant into the 2011 7DRL previously unannounced on this blog. Version 04 bug fix is out.

Experience the pet/master dungeon, mind swapping extravaganza simulator and exciting unwanted bugs for you to discover.

To set the scene, we have one dungeon, one adventure, one pet and a whole host of baddies.
Ok sounds dull and boring, right? The difference is that you get to play the pet, not the adventure.

So your job is to keep your adventure alive long enough to get to the bottom of the dungeon.  How do you do this?
Well you have a unique bond and mind, you can communicate to him with simple requests and he will do the same for you.
Your master will wander around searching the dungeon for nasties and items and will “smartly” decide what to do.
If you lose track of him you can always use your nose to locate him or other denizens of the dungeon.

But your most important talent is the ability to temporarily gain control of your master, swapping minds if you will.
This is where you get to control the master, and he gets to control you.

*Features mind swapping, master/pet control system and smell mechanics.*

Available in both tiles and ASCII.

Homepage  –

Binary for win32 only – source to follow soon.



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  1. Thank you. That dungeon was achieved with cellular automaton, it is a very common algorithm and can be heavily modified to give differing results, from twisty passages to nice open spaces. You should be able to find an implementation for any language, or do it your self.

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