7drl epic fail (for now) – Into the Darkness

So all I got done was a grid of @ symbols on a Silverlight page… Sorry about that! By way of explanation, I didn’t really think I’d have the time to finish this, but I also didn’t expect a chaotic week at work draining all my enthusiasm for development! I’ve been almost dreading coming back to this blog to see what awesome things everyone else has come up with, when all I have is a grid of @’s… but hey, I can always try again next year, or make an out-of-challenge 7drl when I do have a spare week, or even pick up where I left off with Into the Darkness… after all, if you hadn’t figured it out from my announcement post, my 7drl was supposed to be themed around Christianity, and Christianity is all about second chances! 🙂
By the way, my mom posted on Facebook something about picking NCAA tournament teams by “alphabetical primacy”, and I thought about that for a minute… hey, wouldn’t “Alphabetical Primacy” be an awesome name for a roguelike??? 😀 Kinda generic sounding, like “World Supremacy” or “Galactic Civilizations”, but I don’t think anyone has used “Alphabetical Primacy” yet!

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