7DRL 2011 Review Challenge

I’ve taken up a challenge: review all 42 successful 7DRL entries! I spent most of Sunday playing and am very impressed so far.

I managed to do review 8 so far on my development blog, with more in the pipeline:

  • Lord Bistian Unnamed (BroQuest)
  • Destiny of Heroes
  • 7DRL Challenge Challenge
  • Rook
  • Benhem’s 2D/3D dungeon
  • Pitman
  • Vicious Orcs
  • Gridfolk

More to come during the week. I am basing my list off of temple of the roguelike’s list, so let me know if I should or shouldn’t be reviewing your game.

It must be said again… congratulations to all participants. The amount of work involved in all of these games (including the non-successes) is absolutely mind-boggling to me, every year.

12 thoughts on “7DRL 2011 Review Challenge”

  1. hi, i write ‘destiny of heroes’ and i want to thank you for your review. i am already addressing some of the issues you pointed out. will try to get rid of whitespace. also working on a graphical version right now. so thanks again, glad you liked the monsters and dungeon generation.

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