Pitman – After-Challenge Update

I took the time to make some essential bugfixes and also updates to Pitman Krumb. Be aware that I tried to make it better, but didn’t have time to test the changes thoroughly – any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Version 1.1 can be played/downloaded here:

Webplayer: http://www.ratking.de/games/pitman/index.html
Standalone Win: http://www.ratking.de/games/pitman/Pitman-Win.7z
Standalone Mac: http://www.ratking.de/games/pitman/Pitman-Mac.7z


– The game saves now after every round, and can be continued after quitting.
– Better balancing.
– Enemies have red rimlight.
– Mana regeneration (random).
– Bugfix: Ladder to next level sometimes did not appear.
– Bugfix: You can’t hurt friendly NPCs with the bow any more.
– You won’t get hungry so fast any more.
– Weapons and magic potions/scrolls/runes with low level also spawn on high dungeon levels.
– There is “winning” condition now.
– You can walk the path according your speed in all cases.
– Ladder to next level is better recognizable.

Download links for the seven-day-version are still intact, of course.

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