GnomeSquad: Slight Fix (Oops)

So, as I was watching these lovely videos over on the temple of the roguelike, I realized I had shipped GnomeSquad with the “FINAL DEPTH” set to 1. Needless to say, this makes the game quite short!

So, I put out a fixed version that has the final depth set to 5 as intended (for now). Of course you can also set this number to whatever you want. Try 10! Without more balance testing 5 seemed about right to me, though.

This “final2” version also fixes the annoying ‘faith’ bridge level that you see in the video.

Thanks to temple of the roguelike and whomever made those videos though, they are great so far!

I’ve already used it to find a few bugs.

Also, note to self… after all the monsters are dead let the player walk around without worrying about action points. Hah!

New version can be found on my site here.

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