Devil Might Laugh bugfix update

I just got some time this weekend and decided on fixing some problems in the original release of DML. Those are fairly simple ones but improve gameplay a lot. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Download: DML-2.0 post-7DRL update

This is the complete list of changes since the 7DRL release:
-‘L’ook action:
—the cursor can now go out of the LOS
—you can stop looking by pressing ESC now
—you can use numpad to navigate, diagonal movement is available now
—enemies don’t freeze next to you diagonally anymore, they can attack you from
any direction
—corrected player damage type calculation bug – now the soul damaging weapons
will shine
—devils are now immune to lava
—added info about monsters and their damage types
—added info about weapons and their damage types
—added Manual
—corrected some of the spelling errors
( and probably added some other )
—pressing ENTER skips all the messages
—pressing ENTER doesn’t open help screen anymore
( dunno why it treated enter as ‘?’ )
—player character is now hightlighted by the cursor

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