Pitman – now on iPhone&Co

After six weeks of polishing and porting we present you Pitman, the iOS game! Thanks to Unity it was (relatively) easy to make a version of “Pitman Krumb” that runs on iPhone and iPad.

The controls were optimized for the different sizes of the phone and the pad, and of course the interface and the balancing of the gameplay got an overhaul. We also added a new type of dungeon and a new enemy. You can get a free test version on the App Store, and of course buy the full game there, too.

The reason why we decided to make Pitman our first commercial game is that we had so much fun participating in this challenge – so we dropped our “real” project and did this instead.

So, thanks again for this opportunity to the organizers, and all the other challengers! It was a very cool experience!

3 thoughts on “Pitman – now on iPhone&Co”

  1. Congrats! Though I do hope for an eventual PC port somewhere in the future as things hopefully get spiffier yet still with what I hope to be some good App sales for you lot.

  2. Thanks to you both!
    PC port of Pitman probably won’t happen … the normal 7DRLC entry (slightly extended with version 1.1) is still pretty big. Right now we’re planning some other projects, perhaps we will do a Pitman 2 some time later. 🙂

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