First thoughts

Initially, when I was brainstorming ideas for a roguelike, I thought it might be a good idea to try to make a 3D roguelike.  The problem with this idea is that it would add complexities to the system.  Still the idea of a magical-girl-esque roguelike game seems too tempting :P.  Guess its back to 2D.

For my 7DRL I plan to use libtcod.  I may use some starter code from the python tutorial to help me out.

However, I have a good idea: a multiplayer turn-based 7DRL with simultaneous turns (hope to include single player so that people don’t have to find a buddy).  I hope to work in the simultaneous turns to make an interesting strategic game.  I plan to automatically have the main application act as a server or client on an as needed basis.

Unfortunately, looking at past 7DRLs that tried multiplayer, it seems like every roguelike, except for one featured on roguetemple, failed in this regard.  I think I found a library that can help avoid this.  Please post your ideas for a multiplayer 7DRL, and the pitfalls I should avoid.  Unlike other contestants, I plan on starting the 7DRL on March 6th.  Testers are welcome once I start this and get the multiplayer functionality working. 😉

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