My 7Drl – Texas Runner

Note: I had to cancel this because my job is going to be craziness for the next few weeks. Sorry, it kind of came out of nowhere and I thought it’d be the week after this one 🙁

I know this might come off a little bit like I’m putting too much back story in but imagine it’s 2036 and dystopian Texas has split from the rest of the United States and now runs state sponsored executions on television with a twist — to escape death — you must make it out of the Citadel of a Texas Justice alive!  This will not be easy.

It highly increases the viewer ratings when a “Texas Runner” is gunned down by Texas Rangers and their companions in the Citadel of Texas Justice, thus ensuring Texas Justice has been served. You are the next convicted felon, or “Texas Runner” on the show. You’ll be given a felony or two to choose that might help or harm your ability to get out alive. Escape alive (yeah right!) or die (this) – at least you are ending your stay at the hellhole Lone Star Execution Camp you’ve been confined in one way or other.

Hopeful features

  1. Char Creation
  2. Explosives
  3. Weapons
  4. Consumables
  5. 6 Random Grid Levels
  6. Each level has a harder boss which allows char to level up some stats?

Basically Running Man the Roguelike.

I’ll be using Python+Libtcod 1.5.0 plus using some map/weapon/level creation code I’ve written for past/other projects.

Expect Windows/Linux binaries. I have no access to a Mac.

I just hope I don’t get busy at work that week (I shouldn’t…)

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6 thoughts on “My 7Drl – Texas Runner”

    1. I had to cancel this because my job is going to be killing me this entire week because of a stupid deadline. I’ll have to save this idea for another time. March is kind of madness at my job 🙁

      For making win32 binaries I can’t possibly recommend pyinstaller enough. It works great. Set up a VirtalBox w/ Ubuntu on it and you can make Linux binaries with it just as easily. It’s a little weird setting it up if you’ve never done it before but just let me know if you need help with it.

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