2012 7DRL: Fama Gloriaque Populi

Hello all!

My 2011 7DRL was Twelve Hours and I’ve decided to improve some of those ideas for my 2012 7DRL. The main things I have in mind are a Hyrulian or Zeldalike overworld, randomized monsters, and quests (and possibly commands for followers too). I think I’ll make it so you are competing with other NPCs for fame. Whoever manages quests, followers, rivals, and allies the best without dying will win. I think I’ll call it Fama Gloriaque Populi or FGQP for short. If you read any recent articles on my blog then you’ll see that I’ve been thinking about this for a while so the results should be good.

I’ll use my open source AsciiPanel to make a java applet/application that anyone should be able to play. I will also set up a github repository as well as post regular progress reports.

My 7 day plan:

Day 1. Hyrulian Overworld: worldgen, player controlled @
Day 2. Basic gameplay: basic creatures, basic combat, basic stats, basic items
Day 3. Monsters: randomized monsters, better creature AI, a few status effects
Day 4. Society: people, victory, basic commands
Day 5. Dynamic quests
Day 6. More content and polish….
Day 7. More content and polish….

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