Me Against The Mutants, Announcement

OK, we start to work on our “7DRL” (more like 3DRL, probably) now. It’s going to be a game about a liquidator fighting against mutants, with a special device as his only advantage. It probably will be realtime, but we’ll see.

As we don’t have much time, I try to squeeze the work load in 3 “days”. I expect to work longer on it, but I can’t be sure.

  1. map generation
    walking player
    player “visibility”
  2. the “device” (main gameplay mechanic)
    rudimentary fighting system
  3. mutations of the mutants and the player (stats)
    inventory system + items

Um, yes. Good luck to us all! =)

BTW, we have a little sales week running on our website, offering our last roguelike PITMAN for a discount. Also, there might be specials.

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