You are TopDog:
The Puppy has been kidnapped by the Fat Cat Mafioso. You travel from yard to yard, searching for the crafty Cats holding her hostage. Along the way you meet other animals, and perhaps a bone or two.

Python with SDL and Libtcod.

The Idea:
Minimalism and fun, is the primary goal. Replayability is a given, with a low learning curve. To achive this, some classic RL mechanics are simplified, and complimentary Role Playing elements are introduced:

Day 1: Game Spec
Day 2: Flesh out classes and their properties, helper functions, and game loop
Day 3: Map generation, object item and NPC stats + descriptions, Object interactions and inventory
Day 4: Combat and flee system, NPC AI
Day 5: Quest system
Day 6: Bug testing, UI polish and balancing
Day 7: Saved for Murphey’s Law

Dev log with witty commentary I will post at

Good luck everyone!

Author: kbmonkey

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