Knighthood – Day 1

Today, with the support of viewers watching me throughout the day during my broadcasting of me programming, I got a handful of features loaded into the game already. Compared to last year, Knighthood far exceeds my previous game, which is good news. I expected my second 7DRLC run to be much better, and so far it has been.

I guess the best way to show progress is to show some screenshots of that progress. Here is what I have so far.

Total Programming Time: 26 Hours

I can’t thank the people who have been watching and supporting me from the sidelines enough for sitting through programming sessions like these. If anyone’s interested in seeing further progress later on, feel free to stop by my streaming channel at any time during the event.

You may be wondering what the game is actually about, but I will not reveal that until I bring out the storyline in Day 2 or 3. Tomorrow is map generator, equipment and items. I will also be doing a 39 hour programming session from Wednesday to Thursday, so hopefully I can get the complete game finished by then and just spend time bug testing and polishing.

So far, I have gone much farther than my submission from last year. Good luck to everyone else, and I cannot wait to see what everyone else has done.

Author: Joshua Sigona

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