Mutant Aliens! 24 hour report

The gvi-piev gently shakes you!
24 hours and all I've got is a silver golem

The randomly-named aliens (which don’t yet have very interesting random stats other than hp and damage) can chase and kill the player, the player can shoot the aliens and turn them into corpses, the human’s scent probably diffuses (but no-one reacts to it), there’s line of sight, and exploration, and it compiles on windows and linux.


Author: srd

Author of KleinRL (14drl), Mutant Aliens! (7drl), Mutant Aristocrats! (1drl), Encircled (1.5drl), Schaak! (7drts), and CONVOLUTE (0hg). Likes turn-based games that minimise nonsense.

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