AppRogue Day 1 or 2ish


So I’m well into my 7DRL. Which as you can see is hosted on github. It’s also got very large octothorpes. Which is because I’ve rendered all the characters to pngs because my 7DRL is a webserver… Hopefully the Google AppEngine’s datastore and free quotas will play nice and it will survive people playing it. Worst case, it should be playable by downloading the kit, hopefully I can package it along with a local python install so windows users won’t be left out.

I’m also not sure at what point I started. Freaks me out a little the people advertising their posts as day 2. This day is pretty much finished and I’ve got work tomorrow. (Note the commits during lunchbreak… and I guess the afternoon as well.)

Tomorrow, javascript (ugh)

Default room, not much to look at

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