Blood Arbiter: Day 1

Day one is coming to a close for my first 7DRL entry, Blood Arbiter.  The setting is a low fantasy city-state, similar to Sparta.  The player is a convicted felon sentenced to the arena where the three ruling families settle their differences via their chosen champions.  Might equals right in this setting, and the social meta-game will allow the player to curry favor from the various families and other characters to gain advancement as opposed to experience and levels.  The combat will be 1v1 and hopefully the AI will be challenging without cheating, but it is too early to say.

I have the combat mechanics pretty much complete, and tomorrow I am going to start work on the tactical AI.  One of the technical challenges I have encountered while working on other games’ AI is to separate the knowing exactly what is going to happen from the actual happening.  The early results look good, though, so here is hoping I can turn it into something worthwhile.

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