Challenge accepted: The 7DRLRL

Inspired by a post at the roguetemple, I proudly present my wip 7DRL: The Challenge!

The game tells the story of a young and hopeful programmer, participating in the 7DRL challenge. In the Dungeons of Development he has to overcome bugs, memory leaks, segfaults and all the perils of a coder. He doesn’t have HP to lose, but every step and every time he is attacked by a monster he loses time. There are only seven days, and if he doesn’t reach the goal before Day 7, 23:59, he fails the challenge and loses the game.

Along the way he can pick up pieces of code to increase his score, powerful code editors to help fight the bugs, stat-changing items like coffee and fellow devs’ posts, patches fueling his ranged attacks and the mysterious zipfiles,  which can contain any of the latter.

The Challenge!

“The Challenge” is written in pure Java, ensuring its portability.

6 thoughts on “Challenge accepted: The 7DRLRL”

    1. You found a +1 DosBox!
      Trojan Variant attacks you for 4 damage!
      You equip AdBlock Plus in your offhand.
      Pop-up casts Survey!
      You are hit by Survey for 12 damage!
      You cast Format C!
      You hear a wild Chat Roulette in the distance!
      You hurriedly put on a blindfold!

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