I rule, you rule, we all rule old-school Hyrule day 2

Another productive day. I added Zora and Armos as well as 10 species of monsters (one for each biome) that each have a 3 random traits from a list of 19. Some traits are lootless, regenerates, hides, poisonous, camouflaged, and rock spitter. Also made it so when creatures die they drop hearts and rupees to pickup. Lastly, I’ve got 6 different types of armor and each has a passive ability that costs rupiees when used. Next up is the armor’s active abilities which cost even more rupiees to use, then on to rivals and hapless villagers to command.

If you look closely at this screenshot you can see a yellow projectile flying over the water at the top of the screen and another at the lower left corner. When several of the random monster species can shoot projectiles it get’s really hard to dodge. It looks like some of them can fly since they’re on top of the white and green rock.

Total time: 16 hours

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