Knighthood Day 2

Well, today was day 2 of development for my 7DRLC entry Knighthood.

My previous post was all about getting the basics out of the way, which I successfully did. However, under the rock solid code I had no plans about optimization and management of my game objects. This posed a large problem due to how my roguelike would play.

To start things off, my roguelike is based on the idea of one centralized “hub” which is an octagon shape and 7 themed dungeons to explore. I drew up a rough idea of this in paint:

I decided my roguelike would have no floors or staircases, but long continuous areas. Which would be fine if it were not for the fact that these areas would go on for up to 100 stages. Each “stage” is grouped as a 20×20 chunk of land where obstacles and mobs will generate of course. The farther you go in, the tougher things get and the more challenging but rewarding things will be. Getting items from one area may benefit you in other areas.

When I came up with this idea, I was thinking Megaman games in a sense. You can choose any area to start in, and then you have to get by without certain items in order to obtain things to help you later on. I found this to be a neat idea to build my roguelike off of. The main castle (The big black box on the top) is your ultimate goal. However, going into there at the beginning of the game without any experience will lead to a very quick death.

Anyways, today I programmed the backbone of my game, so nothing really new in terms of graphics or interfaces. If you want to see how it looks now, I once again lead you to my previous post.

Today was just 5 and a half hours due to my work schedule, but tomorrow is 15 hours of development, followed by more work, sleep, 6 more hours of programming, large amount of sleep, and then my monstrous 39 hour session in which I will hopefully get the prototype of the game finished and begin polishing. I saw many of you 7DRLC challengers’ posts and would like to wish you all luck too.

-Joshua Sigona

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