Life of Sir Pointsalot – Day 2

You bumped inta a Slightly outdated screenshot

Used time total 7-8 hours.
Stuff I did today:
– Field of vision.(pic is bad example πŸ™ )
– Messaging to player
– ugly-as-hell HUD
– Base work on enemies
– Base work on skills.
– Turn/timesystem

Skills are defined as separate classes that return different values like usefulness, availability, aggressiveness, cost and stuff (as functions of course so it depends on situation), so mobs will know how useful a specific attack or spell is and in what situations. For example fleeing enemies could use skills with negative aggro, like Haste or stun player. And all skills/actions can be plugged into any foe.

Things I’m going to do tomorrow
– finish base enemy/entity code. It was fun to notice that player was able to kill himself by tapping 5.
– map generation
– game structure (desing at least)
– items and inventory
– right side of the hud. It should have multible tabs(INVentory, LIST of characters nearby, and ACTions and spells) and also work as menu area for menus. Duh.

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