Road Survivor: Days 1-3

I’ve been working on my attempt since mid-Saturday. Here’s what it currently looks like. I found this site to blog on because I was googling to see if anyone had used “Rogue Rage” as a name, and found Darren Grey’s posts here. Damn you to hell Darren Grey, you dirty stinking rat! Just kidding 😉

7DRL game view
Road Survivor, 3 days in..

The left hand sidebar is inspired by Brogue, which I played a little of before the challenge started.

4 thoughts on “Road Survivor: Days 1-3”

  1. How about these car related puns?
    -Mad Max: The Rogue Warrior (road warrior)
    -Days of Yendor (days of thunder)
    -Rogue Race
    -The Rogues of Hazard
    -The Slow & The Turn-Based
    -Rogueadaga Nights
    -Rogie: Fully Loaded
    -Rogue in 60 Seconds
    -Rogey and the Bandit
    -Rogueitt (Bullitt)
    -a reference to Cannonball Run(?) -you found Burt’s +1 mustache!

  2. Sorry for getting to the name first, but in fairness I have planned this for almost a year 😛 I was originally just going to call is Rage actually, but then another game came out recently that ruined that idea :/

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