RoboCaptain: Day 2

Apparently I never posted day one, but the game LOOKS mostly the same. RoboCaptain is an HTML5/Javascript game with a sub-system management mechanic ala the old X-Wing/TIE Fighter games. (In theory!)

Big win for yesterday (day 2) was decent AI. Normally I leave this last in 7DRL games and the result leaves much to be desired! Today (day 3) will hopefully include some core game essentials (multiple levels!) and some core UI elements (somehow draw/show ranged attacks as they happen).

More updates here, as I have time.

RoboCaptain Day 2

2 thoughts on “RoboCaptain: Day 2”

  1. I like your stat bars. On my roguelike I was going to use solid block going across and half block on the left for “less than one square” on the right hand side if merited, but I prefer your “duller block” approach since it lets you have a mesh block “background” for the bars. I hope you don’t mind if I make mine like yours! (I’m not officially entering 7DRL this year).

  2. Your title makes me think of a Flight of the Conchords sone.

    “Robo captain, do you not realize that by destroying the human race because of their destructive tendencies, we too have become like, well…it’s ironic. (mm) Cause we…
    Silence! Destroy him!
    DOO! (boo!) Dooboodoo!”

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