Finished early: HyperRogue II

HyperRogue II is complete as a 7DRLC Challenge 2012 entry!

The original Hyperbolic Rogue was an out of challenge 7DRL (in fact a 6DRL, even less). Just a @ moving on the map. For the 7DRLC I have added more polish, and more features, while keeping most of the spirit.

You are still a lone adventurer trapped in a strange world. You still hunt for treasures, while being hunted by monsters yourself. You still have to hit the monsters before they hit you.

However, the world is much richer now. There are seven types of lands for you to travel, each with specific monsters, treasures, and terrain features. You can also find some magical orbs, which give you temporary magical powers.

The game also became more user friendly. You get tooltips and help, and a configuration screen, instead of having to press strange keys.

I still have four days until the 7DRL challenge ends, but I am running out of good ideas. I originally planned to introduce some Economy but I don’t see how it could be done without making HyperRogue a worse game. I have tested the game and I think everything works very well, but in case if someone finds some nasty bug, or suggests a new awesome feature, I can still do it on Friday. 🙂

Download from the website, and have fun!

9 thoughts on “Finished early: HyperRogue II”

  1. Really impressing game and concept! I love how every different land is weird and intresting in its own way. And of course I admire the aesthetic that comes with the hyperbolic plane.
    There is one bug I found: Everytime I walk around in mirror land for too long, the game eventually crashes (in Ubuntu). I think there is a problem with the mirror images interacting with other objects.
    And is it intentional, that the blue tiles in the alchemist lab are called “red slime” and the red tiles “blue slime”? It doesn’t make sense.
    Anyways, keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks!

    Eelfronth: No, strange names in the alchemist lab are not intentional, I have not noticed that they are wrong. 🙂 I am unable to reproduce the mirror crash, and I don’t see anything suspicious regarding mirrors interacting with other objects. I’ll see if I can find the cause and release a bugfix tomorrow…

    1. I did some more research and came to the conclusion that the crash is actually related to the player killing blue mirror images. Here is how I reproduce the bug:
      – pick up a blue %.
      – walk into the tile of a mirror image, so that its cursor points at your own tile.
      In 2/3 of cases this leads to a crash. However, if the mirror image happens to be above or to the top-right it is killed and the game keeps running.
      I hope this can help you.

      1. OK, I have found the bug – it is indeed related to the mirrors, and it only happens when you are playing with the mouse. Thanks! I will release a bugfix later.

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