Hellmouth: Day Two & Three

Unfortunately, Day Two was a complete bust. I stopped coding shortly before my Day One post and didn’t end up with any free time until several hours after Day Two was over.

Day Three has been somewhat better. Right after convincing myself that I was going to get nothing done today and whining in IRC about it, I sat down for a bit to try to code something. It worked, and I proceeded to hammer out several new features in a few hours. It felt pretty good! It’s not much compared to my Day One sprint, but it’s at least more than I expected.

Here’s what Hellmouth looks like right now:

Most importantly, everything necessary for hex movement and rendering actually works! The @ is the player (admittedly, it’s currently rendered with a really ugly hack I added just for this post); the Xs are FOV cells beyond the map boundary (and thus inaccessible); the other symbols are just randomly generated glyphs to make testing movement easier.

After getting hexes working, I turned my attention to the interface. I don’t think there’s much special here, but I do like the way in which I’m rendering the stats. I’m also using that approach for the status lights, which will work similarly to those in Dungeon Crawl (except showing up closer to the action due to the hexagonal layout).

The combat log is a little short, but you’ll usually be fighting single opponents. Like the status lights, I intend to maximize my use of space, so the triangle to the left of the log will contain an interface for scrolling through past entries without having to obscure the map.

I’m hoping to turn the reserved area into a paperdoll displaying your health status. The game will feature hit locations, and printing a list of them would take up a lot of space. Unfortunately, drawing a paperdoll with ASCII is quite difficult and getting Unicode to work consistently could be an uphill battle.

Eventually, I’d like to print some other information: currently wielded weapon, a minimap, currently viewed enemy stats (with toggle for a larger version with more info), and so on. However, my next focus is going to be something far more important: combat!

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      1. Thanks for that list. I’ve actually been playing a lot of new roguelikes I’ve never tried before as a result of following this contest. I knew there were a few out there but wow, man. There are hundreds! And a great number of them are awesome!

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