I rule, you rule, we all rule old-school Hyrule day 3

I couldn’t sleep last night so I spent an hour refactoring and an hour adding items. The result is cleaner code that’s easier to add to. I also removed two species of randm monster (leaving eight) and got rid of the distinction between armor and weapons so there’s just items to lug around. That means you can run around with a shield and cloak or with a sword and mace or whatever crazy combination you want.

A big part of this was unifying the different stats and modifiers from armor, weapons, and natural abilities. Now it’s just a matter of weather you somehow have a trait or not.

public boolean hasTrait(Trait trait) {
  return traits.contains(trait)
    || leftHand != null && leftHand.hasTrait(trait)
    || rightHand != null && rightHand.hasTrait(trait);

These same traits are what are chosen for random monsters. That means that whatever you can do, monsters can possibly do to.

I only had a couple hours to work on it today due to work (unproductive) and social obligations (super fun and worth it) but I also managed to add special content for dead ends in the world. I think this is where I’ll put mini-bosses who drop special items.

Here I am in the desert with a sword and shield.

One thing I haven’t mentioned is the evasion percent. Many games give you a chance of dodging an incoming attack based on stats and equipment. That’s what the evasion is except for two things: nearby terrain and movement. Firstly, evasion also takes into consideration how many nearby spaces you can move into. In an open area you have a high evasion percent; in a narrow area you have a low percent. Secondly, when you successfully evade an attack, you actually move into one of the available adjacent spaces. If you have a knife equipped (or somehow have the EVASIVE_ATTACK trait) then you actually get a free and automatic attack when evading. Like the knife, each weapon has a free attack possibility during some event: knuckles can do combo attacks, clubs can do circle attacks, a staff can do a counter attack, etc. I planned this as part of making tactical choices more important but I’m not sure if it works. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it isn’t. So, does that sound interesting and fun? Should I keep it or ditch it?

Total time: 20 hours.

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