Life of Sir Pointsalot – Day 3

Total coding time: 10.5h

Today I crunched pathfinding almost in. Monster list tab for the GUI is also done. I’m kinda proud how it turned up, as it provides crucial info about enemies (names and health and status effects).
Also wrote a simple map generator that produces very funkyvshapes using metaballs. People really should use them more often.
How it goes:
First generate a random set of positions inside the map.
Then with each tile calculate 1/((x-x0)^2+(y-y0)^2) for each metaball and sum them together. Compare to treshold value -> floor or wall.
Simple and funky and organic looking although connectivity is a problem. But it’s good base to build on some generators.
Also got skill selection AI complete. Currently, on each turn monsters compare the effectiveness of different skills (aggressiveness affects also) and if the best of them has positive usefulness it might use it if it has enough energy points(lower EP reduces probability some amount, insufficient EP reduces to 0)
If no skill/action is used it might attempt to move towards or away from player or towards friends etc.

Stuff I didn’t have time for & what I’m doing tomorrow:
Items, but I’ll do them tomorrow. Items will probably contain skills as it’s easier for me to code as I can abuse the system. More enemy types tomorrow also and finishing AI.

Design decisions:
I haven’t decided yet if I’m going for linear dungeons or a less traditional thing. Turn system is now finished. Each turn has a basic cost of TU (time unit) and move time cost is 3 + (50 / DX) . Average DX(or any other base stat) is 10.
HP is (ST + HT) * 1.5 and EP is (IQ + HT). HT(Health) will be pretty important stat for any character cause they can get exhausted pretty quickly. EP is used for anything from magic to melee to moving faster. And food clock(if any) will affect EP regeneration. So starvation isn’t going to kill you but not being able to fight/escape will!
Not going to talk about equipment now.
Should I be transparent about the stats and always tell what stats affect which actions or keep it in the background?

PS. And skiing is fun.

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