Road Survivor: Day 4

It feels like my enthusiasm is starting to wear thin.

I didn’t do that much yesterday.  Mostly, I added world tile encounters, with custom instances being spawned.  The setting is supposed to be post-collapse of society, along the lines of Road Warrior, Mad Max and Autoduel (a game I only saw in passing on someone’s Apple and never played)..  But I’ve been winging it so far, and day 1 was pretty much spent doing the Python libtcod tutorial.

Current to-do list:

  • Make the encounter dialog in the screenshoot use the libtcod inverted title. 
  • Display in-game messages at the top of the screen.
  • Hook up combat messages.
  • Add in-game items.
  • Inventory UI.
  • Diagonal player movement (ala Infra-Arcana).
  • Diagonal AI movement (may already have it).
  • Wielding.
  • Wearing.
  • Move player start position beside road and give them a car + fuel.
  • Vehicles and fuel.
  • Place secondary locations (bunkers, gangs, ..).
  • Add non-highway roads and some dirt roads.
  • Add terrain types other than grass (world).
  • Add rivers, with bridges for roads affected (world).
  • Add lakes (world).
  • Fired weapons.
  • Thrown weapons.
  • Held weapons.
  • Simple instance scenery, trees, mud, ponds.
  • World tiles only reveals when standing on them.
Besides secondary locations, vehicles and fuel, the above should be relatively straightforward.  The actual game depth I have a range of ideas about, and no worries I can make an interesting game.  But whether I can cut enough back to make enough gameplay within the time limit.. remains to be seen.

2 thoughts on “Road Survivor: Day 4”

  1. Don’t lose heart- you are part of something cool and exciting! I wish my skills were good enough to be taking part this year.

    It’s understandable that your enthusiasm will come and go, but you just have to power on through the bad parts and I’m sure the glory will be worth it in the end!

  2. Indeed, keep pushing it. Write a TODO list and stick to it. get the core functionality down, I know it’s tempting to fiddle with fluff and looks, but part of the experience is to learn how to stick to the core features 🙂

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