I rule, you rule, we all rule old-school Hyrule day 4

Since I acomplished way more than I expected to the last few days and acomplished so little at work I decided to take the day off so I could be productive. Mostly I woked on little details and refactoring. I did flesh out some more monster traits, ai, and items. The world’s dead ends now contain heart containers, big rupees, and minibosses that drop cool loot. I did a lot of playtesting today and this game is hard. I couldn’t even walk more than a few screens without being ambushed by flying rock spitters, spike-covered mountain monsters with long reaching attacks, or monsters that call for help when they feel threatened. It’s starting to become fun though. I think I’ll ditch my goal of having followers  since it wasn’t very fun the few times I tried it.

Here you can see two bright red heart containers. I don’t see any minibosses guarding them so either these bosses can hide, are camouflaged, or have been killed by wandering goblins and monsters.

And this is the map. It shows the local biome of each screen as well as shores and lakes. Later it will show your rivals, and possibly minibosses you’ve discovered, so you can avoid them and focus on powering up or attack them. The observant may notice that the overworld is just a big maze with loops. Now you know.

Total time: 26 hours

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