Blood Arbiter: Day 3

Day 3, really?  Today was mostly cosmetic stuff with a little bit of the social game coding, too.  I added in fancy life bars and status effect icons (borrowed from ToME) and tiger_eye worked wonders with the arena.  Here is the eye candy:

Now I can hear Darren Grey in the back of my mind hollering about gameplay.  Err… tomorrow?

3 thoughts on “Blood Arbiter: Day 3”

  1. Another hex entrant! And this time with ToME interface elements. Well, it certainly looks good. I wonder how it plays!

    BTW I feel a bit awkward commenting on a lot of these posts as sometimes it feels like it’s only me doing it. I sometimes feel like someone who turned up early for a party…

  2. Hex for the win! I am trying my best to heed the advice from the 7DRL Roguelike Radio episode and ignore what other people are doing until after the contest. It will be me feeling awkward in a few days time when I go back and comment on week old posts. 🙂

  3. I thought the “radio silence” concept advocated by some people on the podcast might account for a lack of comments. That means there aren’t many roguelike fans who aren’t entering hanging around here though, which is a shame.

    I suppose it comes down to roguelikes, for all their resurging popularity, being still niche, and there being a lot of websites and forums catering for a few, hardcore fans.

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