Life of Sir Pointsalot – On the design – Part 1 (Before day 4)

Okay, so here’s some of the design I’ve got now. (Some of the stuff was already in day 3 post)

Character stats: All of the characters and enemies share the same stat/skill/inventory system.

Base stats (same as GURPS, but with different function)

  • ST. Affects melee damage, usually damage dealt with weapon is BASE_DMG + ST*ST_modifier, and affects HP
  • DX. Affects movement speed(As lower turn cost for moving),  probability to hit with weapons, and to dodge things.
  • IQ. Affects magic. And EP
  • HT. Affects HP and EP.
Derived stats
  • HP. (ST+HT)*3
  • EP. (IQ+HT)*3
  • Movement turncost is 3 + (50/DX). I think this is well balanced.
Turn system is simply a priority queue with entities, and they all have the time when they can act again. Every turn has minimum cost of 1 to make sure no one can have infinite turns
Food clock (if I have time to implement)
Food affects how fast EP regenerates.
Each turn character has certain chance (maybe SATIATION/MAX_SATIATION) to recover few EP. Magicians might also have power to recover/drain from enemies EP via spells. Resting for many turns also recovers EP faster (but won’t when satiation is too low).
EP is required for attacks, skills, faster movement, and defence rolls! So exhausting your enemy will make it defenseless.
About fighting – Special stuff
Shock penalty: Direct damage taken increases SP for that turn and affects negatively all your skill rolls on the next turn. Also applies to enemies. Is reset after turn. Equipment affects this also.
Defense rolls: Whenever enemies attack, you can CHOOSE which kind of defence you attempt, or if you attempt any. Defense rolls cost EP but have pretty good chance of evading attack. Basic defence methods available: Dodge(DX), block(Shield) and parry(Weapon). Some weapons also have parry bonuses, and parrying unarmed attacks might do some damage back to sender. But EP cost is there, so you can’t just counter all attacks.
I’ll leave equips to next post.

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