Mujahid – almost at the end of day 3

If you ever wanted to enjoy the feel of being a militant medieval muslim fighting against Christian invaders twisted by the forces of evil, dispatching your foes unseen for the glory of Allah, then you’re in luck, because that’s the game I’m making.

screen shot

Already done is directional FOV for player and enemies, red shading for where you can observe your enemies being able to see, ability to hear enemies when they’re looming up behind you but out of your field of view, backstabbing action to instantly kill your foes while they can’t see you, time management system to allow for different amounts of time being spend turning, walking and fighting, and a bunch of AI stuff

Still to come is throwing rocks to distract your enemies, maybe a bow and arrow to shoot some crusaders from afar, some kind of possessed leader to lead your pale-skinned foes, and then a feature where the whisper of Shaitan will corrupt the level and your combatants, gradually making the game more dangerous and urging you to use haste to assassinate the leader of the invaders!

6 thoughts on “Mujahid – almost at the end of day 3”

  1. I get the historical context but with the name, ‘Mujahid’ people are likely to associate it with modern day terrorists.

    Conversely, a RL game where you play a Christian Crusader slaughtering Muslims probably wouldn’t be received too well either. Hell, might even make headlines and worst-case result in another embassy attacked.

  2. The subject matter would probably be ok if you hadn’t described it the way you did. You wouldn’t get an Assassin’s Creed game urging you to kill your foes “for the glory of Allah”.

    As always, it’s difficult to judge nuances through text for all parties, and I’m not hardcore, militantly taking a stand against this, I’m just making one of those annoying faces people make. You know like “hmmm”, with your face a bit twisted up, to give the impression of “not the best idea, hmm?”.

    I probably made things worse now.

    I think an important consideration is, is your setting integral to your roguelike, or is it just a setting you’ve chosen, but which could easily be switched to the wild west or SF just by editing a few text lines?

  3. That stuff isn’t part of the game – just some poorly thought out comments on the blog.

    I don’t plan on anything much in the game by way of plot and I don’t think there’s a single mention of Christianity so far. So far, any references to religion are non-gameplay related and pretty chilled out, ie. ‘may Allah watch over you’.

    The setting isn’t hugely important and definitely could easily be changed, but it’s a theme I wanted to work with for some time and more interesting than fighting orcs!

  4. The game looks good! πŸ™‚

    Dunno exactly what my thoughts are about the theme. I suppose that, worst-case scenario, some pretty uncontroversial “god”-name could be selected instead—e.g. Zeus, or something new altogether.

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