Road Survivor: Day 5

When society collapses and food runs scarce, people will kill and eat anything!  These harbingers of hoofed death have had enough, and are taking a stand with three angry ones in pursuit of the player.  Really though, some animals should just stand there unless you provoke them and these are perfect candidates for that.

Day 5’s allotted time was spent mostly doing code clean-up.  It had to be done, the old code was around seven disparate prototype scripts that could be run standalone to play with their individual features.. but with an additional “glue” prototype script that imported them all and bolted them together.  Now I have a main menu, with a concept of an ongoing game that can be abandoned and a new one started.  There’s FoV at scenario and world levels.  Infra-Arcana movement style works at both levels.  But still a lot to do, with day 6 only just having started half an hour ago!

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