Roguelike Art

This is what happens when I can’t sleep but am too tired to code…

Mosaic of an @ sign

(It used to be a Pacman, and before that some tetrominos.  My housemates think I’m a little odd at times…)

In other news Rogue Rage development continues at far too slow a pace.  I have triggered attacks in now, and have been playing with blood spatter, but it’s a bit too involved to bother with now – I’ll see if I have time at the end to do it right.  Also added some other prettiness and polish, which I’m spending far too much time on for this stage of the week.  Need to finish off all the combat mechanics tonight and concentrate on real content creation (maps and enemies, ahoy!)  After that I’ll hopefully have enough time for sound and music.

Author: darrengrey

Host of Roguelike Radio, maker of small tactical roguelikes, writer for many games.

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