Smooth Rogue Day2

The aim of my RLis to have some smooth move, but keep “turn based” feeling : if you don’t move nor attack, enemies don’t move !
You can test the thing online by clicking here (uses Unity3d, & graph will maybe come one day)…
Drop me a line if you like (or dislike) the gameplay !

7 thoughts on “Smooth Rogue Day2”

  1. I just tried this early build. It is interesting but so far controls are very difficult. I usually have not idea what direction I am going to swing my sword. So that is something that needs to be worked on (this is probably not a surprise to you though). It is also too hard to move the character because I kept on running into spikes. Anyway keep up the good work! Thanks for letting us play around with the game, even at this early stage!

  2. @Jaega1: The red line shows which direction you (and your enemies) are facing, so it’s possible to work out which direction you will swing your sword in, even if the precise positioning is not 100% possible to predict.

    I found bizarrely that the smooth movement worked against it: it was so good that it seemed awkward and weird that it paused when I wasn’t moving or fighting.

    The system is really professional though- I’m impressed. I’m sure I would get used to the pausing after a bit; I only played for 5 minutes.

    If you got professional graphics in thuogh it could be above diablo quality with that smoothness and the fact it’s using 3d models. Maybe the lighting needs “spooky”ing up a bit for that though, hehe.

  3. Very interesting idea! I find the combat to actually feel fairly un-roguelike because it emphasizes dodging and weaving around your opponents so much, but I actually really enjoyed the feel. I think the game would translate very well to a game where weapons have much more “tangible” stats than a traditional roguelike (i.e., an axe swings wide and takes longer to attack with than a dagger, which attacks directly ahead and quickly but can’t knock opponents back). To me it feels more like a game about the geometry of combat than just equipping the weapon with the biggest numbers.

    Also: I feel like Mouse based movement would be a great addition. You would always be able to direct yourself exactly where you want to go, and even affect the direction of your attack. Good luck!

  4. I like that the red bar increases as I am moving faster. Does momentum have an impact on how much damage I do? If not, maybe it should! It would be rewarding accurate movement + sword placement.

    I do like the blocky dudes though, I wouldn’t make it ‘more realistic’ at all.

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