I rule, you rule, we all rule old-school Hyrule day 5

Day five already?

Decent progress today: a lot of playtesting, fixing typos, and other balance related tweaks. You can now gain fame by exploring new biomes, defeating minibosses, finding antique relics, and defeating rivals. You can win by beating your rivals and you can loose by having one of them reach 100 fame before you do. That means I had to add rivals (who are quite dumb so far) and will have to make them smart by the end of tomorrow.

I played one game where I stared with a club (does knockback and can do a circular attack at the cost of a few rupees) and a jumping boots (improves evasion and can jump up to three tiles at 1 rupee per space). I cautiously explored until I found the unique miniboss “birdman treeface”. I was able to barely defeat him and he dropped a flying Magic Carpet. I swapped my jumping boots for it and flew around the world grabbing unguarded heart containers and evasion potions. Just as I was about to defeat my rilvals and become the most famous ruler of old-school hyrule, my huberus got the best of me when some flying, aggressive, and spiked mountain monsters surrounded me. With no way of escaping, I didn’t last long.

And here’s a screenshot of me about to cast a spell from my spellbook. I’m really happy with how the river’s have turned out. I think worldgen and aesthetics are the two best features of this game.

Total time: 32 hours

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