Infiniverse progress update

Infiniverse dev pic

What have I achieved since the previous update (about 1,5 days ago):

  • Square tiles – e.g. stars are now round instead of ellipses in the solar system view
  • NPCs – there are now space ships wandering in the universe, although there is no interacting with them yet (they do show up on sensors though)
  • Torpedos – can be launched and they move but targeting interface is missing
  • Early space stations – can we visited, but there’s nothing interesting there yet
  • Basic ground level generator – working, but not very interesting
  • More work on the planet aerial view generator – still not close to satisfactory 🙁
  • Sensor tweaks – contacts now sorted by distance; sensors need to be manually used and there are three working scanning modes (celestial bodies, artificial objects and combined closest ones)
  • Other UI tweaks

Less than three days left. Much work still to do.

2 thoughts on “Infiniverse progress update”

  1. It looks absolutely gorgeous and from the stuff displayed it looks like it has a lot of depth! I assume you must have done some serious hardcore planning before the event started. (This is the way it’s supposed to be, I think, but I think a lot of people wing it more than they perhaps should!)

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