Knighthood – Day 5

Well, as we all have noticed, the close of the 7DRLC event is coming real soon, and that means we have to start bringing out those debuggers and hunting down the last few bugs in our games.

Over the past two days since my Day 2 post I have managed to fix up mostly backbone parts of the program. I finally got dynamic tile generation done. Basically, depending on where you are, only certain parts of the dungeon will load, keeping the game’s speed relatively high.

Implemented line of sight using line tests, and also managed to work on some of the level creation. Screenshots below demonstrate these.


I told myself that I would program for 40 hours straight. During this session (Which is still going on at the moment), I decided to extend it to 48 hours. So I will be going 48 straight hours. I am closing in on the 18th hour as I write this. Got some nasty little graphical bugs that will tease me for the next two or three hours but I’ll get them. Still have some things to do gameplay wise. Creature and player abilities and skills, hidden areas, mini bosses, the castle area, and most of the other dungeon areas. But at least most of the game has been ironed out.

Anyone who is interested in seeing how the game is doing right now, or just wants to give a shout out and support can stop by where I have been broadcasting the whole event.

I have been watching these games everyone has been putting together, and they look absolutely gorgeous this year. Cannot wait to play all of them, including my own which is looking decently promising. (Beats the stuffing out of my 2011 entry for sure.)

Total Programming Time: 61 Hours

Author: Joshua Sigona

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2 thoughts on “Knighthood – Day 5”

  1. I’m not sure about programming for 48 hours straight. It’s not healthy. Please make sure to stand up and walk about every so often: DVT can strike even the youngest person in such circumstances. Also are you really going to be as productive programming 48 hours in a row as you would be programming 16 hours then 8 sleep then 16 hours then 8 asleep ?

    Sorry to be so down on the idea but it seems risky to me.

  2. Indeed it is pretty risky. I would rather enjoy the one week out of the year where I actually program something I finish though. I’m not sure how much thrill others get from the event, but every second counts in my opinion.

    I find that I am just as productive regardless of how much time I spend on a project, so no I do not believe that getting more sleep will help. However, getting less sleep doesn’t benefit me either from what I have noticed.

    Overall, from my standpoint, it’s something I can actually enjoy once a year, considering nothing else I do is as aspiring or challenging to complete within such a small timeframe. Sorry if that concerns others as well, I am sure my health means a little something to everyone, I assure you that I will be fine.

    (I do realize time to eat, stretch, relax my eyes, etc. in order to prevent future problems.)

    Do realize that it is my decision to do something like this and that I do not blame the challenge for causing any problems / insomnia nor make the 7DRL Challenge an opportunity to ruin my health. Sorry if it concerns you so much.

    And to tell you the truth, my coding style is pretty suckish. Thus I spend a lot of time fixing things that would be much easier to fix had I planned things out better.

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