Mujahid – end of day 4

Three full days to go and I’m arguably in a position where the game could be considered finished. I’ll sleep on it and think of what else I want to add – clearly, I could add something substantial in the next 3 days.

screen shot

Added today was stones to throw to distract enemies so you can backstab them, vials of gas which cause area-of-effect confusion when they are thrown, praying for divine help, two new monster types, an end-game scenario, along with some other tweaks which I can’t recall. Oh yeah, and enemies that go around chasing you and insulting your manhood.

The entire game takes place on only one large scrolling dungeon level because I didn’t want to go down the path of loot gathering and level gaining which wouldn’t work particlarly well in my view with a player character who starts with the ability to insta-kill enemies in certain situations. So instead the game might seem short in terms of distance to travel and goals to achieve – but if it’s as difficult as I think it is, you’ll be so fragile that you’ll have to take extreme caution when moving from room to room and I expect that while you won’t cover ground very quickly in pursuit of your goal, you’ll have to carefully plan how you deal with each enemy which will take time and hopefully add to the stealth-feel I’ve been aiming for.

This is a no-magic game, but if anyone has anyone crafty ideas of every day items which might be used by an assassin for tactical reasons, I’m all ears. I’m at a bit of a loss as to what other tools I can add which substantially impact gameplay.

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