Mutant Aliens! 125 hour prerelease


Apply finger to trigger for as long as necessary, with gentle shaking.
This is what happens if you hang around too long.

It’s playable, it’s winnable, it’s losable. There are invisible explosions. There are also lots and lots of missing features. But any bug reports or complaints or recommendations would be appreciated! I’m particularly interested in how fast you move when you hold a key down, because scent maps take a lot of processing and some of the intended features will require more scent maps.

Known issues:

  • Long messages and descriptive text don’t behave nicely
  • On my monitor, blue on black is really difficult to read (any suggestions for alternative colour schemes?
  • Memory is not bounded by number of monsters and items that exist, but by number of monsters and items that have existed in that run. I die or win before this becomes a problem, and the number of corpses you can make is bounded by your finite ammunition.
  • It is not fun to have to inspect a monster by targeting it and pressing ‘i’ to find out how dangerous it is.

Author: srd

Author of KleinRL (14drl), Mutant Aliens! (7drl), Mutant Aristocrats! (1drl), Encircled (1.5drl), Schaak! (7drts), and CONVOLUTE (0hg). Likes turn-based games that minimise nonsense.

4 thoughts on “Mutant Aliens! 125 hour prerelease”

  1. I downloaded the .zip file. When I tried to play it on Vista it said, “Error – cannot find MSVCP100.dll”. Maybe it is just something dumb that I am doing but I wanted to let you know in case it is significant.

  2. Tested it, some feedbacks:
    – First run, a monster entered my ship and killed me (some horrible “c” monster you know 🙂
    – I feel I can’t kill any monster. I press “f”, then “tab”, the “f” and the monster don’t seems to be affected, and kills me a few rounds later.
    – I also tried “throwing” things, pressed “b” then “a” then “0” but (maybe the “0” is badly read) i was locked in something that looks like “fire” mode.

    So, my feeling ? Really hard ^^

    – Maybe you should display current mode and available keys at any moment on the top of the screen because i feel controls a bit complex and I don’t know what “mode” is on at a given time…
    – Your “tab” idea could cycle between monsters (also when you are not in fire mode) and give info about them

    Good work anyway!

  3. Thanks for the comments peous, they’re going to the top of the to-do list 🙂 Not sure how long it’ll take to get them all fixed, so I’ll tell you how to overcome these problems for now:
    – You start wielding the pistol, which is very weak. You’ll do more damage using the plasma cannon (by pressing Z), or the automatic rifle (by pressing Y). The cannon has limited ammo, though I’ve never run out when I’ve played through the game.
    – At the moment, the only throwing command which has a useful effect is ‘t’ ‘t’, to choose the target, then aab or bab to choose the explosion power and the fuse length. So the ba0 that you used probably didn’t do anything.

    – Yes, I definitely should.
    – Yes, that’s what it’s supposed to do!

    Thanks again for the feedback! *gets to work*

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