RoboCaptain – Day 4.5? – Gameplay Demo

I have a decent enough “gameplay demo” if anyone cares to try it out! Just one level so far and there are too many items and the marine commander (m) is a pain in the ass to kill but I find it surprisingly fun/frustrating, which seems like a good place to be on day 4ish:

For now the controls are:
Movement – WASD
Rest / Pickup – SPACE
Cycle system – Q
Cloak/Uncloak – C
Shoot – Click
Melee Attack – Just bump into stuff, roguelike style

Q will cycle which sub-system is being charged. If you don’t want to charge anything, leave it on Power. You won’t charge anything while cloaked.

Clicking on stuff in the inventory after you pick it up will use it (fuel cells), or equip it (rockets, melee weapons). Shift-clicking will drop it.






And if you’ve read this far and want to read more go here:


5 thoughts on “RoboCaptain – Day 4.5? – Gameplay Demo”

  1. It’s good fun. Is there no way to get to a new level once you’ve cleared the one you’re on yet though? Also sometimes I click on stuff to shoot them and it won’t let me. Am I missing a gameplay mechanic or is it some weird LoS bug?

  2. Quite fun already !
    Maybe just about the controls, maybe if you can only use arrow & mouse, this could be simpler.
    You could see “lasers pickup” on the bottom right of the screen when you are standing on it, and then pickup it clicking on it (on bottom right).

  3. @graspee: Nope, I have a level generator but I haven’t put in the code to move between levels yet. That’s done today or I am way behind schedule!

    Also your lasers can only shoot so far. There should be a ‘red box’ over a guy if he is close enough, and white otherwise. Should I add some text to make that clearer?

    @peous: Yes my plan is to have the arrow keys work too, I am just stuck on WASD for personal reasons 🙂

    I also like your idea of ‘space to pick up’ when standing on an item, good call.

    Thanks for checking it out!

  4. I quite enjoyed the first level. The game has a great deal of potential!

    As things stand so far it is extremely easy though. I think part of the issue is that there are so many items. After the first level I would have a full inventory of the best items (because I do not really need to use many of them). So I think there might be a balance issue for the next levels too unless you decrease the number of items, IMHO.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the full game because it is already pretty fun. Good luck!

  5. Yeah, there will definitely be fewer items! The fuel cells will become precious commodities, and power will only charge by exploration. (assuming i can figure that out!)

    Thanks for playing & commenting, jaega 🙂

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