Smooth rogue Day 3

Thank you for your comments, here’s the new version
Changes are detailed on the webpage, including
– the faster you move, the more damage you do (thanks heroicfisticuffs & david)
– some hud & stats, and levelup stats looting chests
– sword can hit multiple enemies and if you find upgrade, sword can swing away from you


4 thoughts on “Smooth rogue Day 3”

  1. It’s shaping up to be amazing. It’s spelled “lose” by the way though, not “loose” 😛

    I ended up with a sword too fast! My speed was 38 and my sword wouldn’t actually connect with mobs any more.

    Looking amazing though. Playing amazing too.

  2. Now that I have tried the game on a faster computer I can tell more of what you are doing here (the controls are bad if you have a very slow computer). It is shaping up to be pretty interesting.

    IMHO I think the way the sword works should be changed. It appears that when you swing the sword it hits quite a bit to the sides and just a little bit in front. This feels a bit random to me. The game should clearly reward skill. I would personally prefer what the game 3D Dot Game Heroes does where the sword just swings in front (but it can be a very big sword). If you don’t like that then I would suggest at least being a bit clearer with WHERE exactly the sword swings. Is it everywhere around you (except behind)?

    These are just my impressions and suggestions. Feel free to ignore them if you want.

  3. graspee: oh yes “Loose”… I was distracted (and French ^^). hmm I tested it a bit too and you’re right, if the sword is too fast, no way to touch ennemies ! I’ll fix it (will also be related to sword changes see below)

    jaega1:I know the game is slow, mainly because highly unoptimized (thousands of blocks are shown). Unfortunately, i don’t think I’ll have time to optimize it for now.

    About the sword, you are right, a simple movment will be better. For now I made some obscure mathematical sinus/cosinus computing that give quite bad results ! A simpler curve will be better. I’ll do something like this in the next version (so, tomorrow ^^), and your comments are more than welcome for now, so no, I won’t ignore them ! I don’t want to have a BIG sword however like 3DDotGame, I’ll continue having it swing, but in a much more predictable trajectory!

    1. Maybe if you kind of draw an arc on the screen where the sword has passed through it will
      a) look cool as an effect (side effect)
      b) teach the player where his deadly killzone is so he can better hit the monsters!

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