Cursed family affairs…

I lost this day to them and might lose too much of tomorrow. I had planned to get it done by tomorrow, because I should have triple time compared to normal… But no. Certain person says “Tomorrow we’re going shopping and you’re coming with us”.
Goodbye finishing in time. Well at most I’ll lose 4 hours but it’s too many. Ah. I’ll see.

Also that why goblins had special properties remains a secret. They don’t do it anymore (which is sad, I might add those things be myself) and they shouldn’t have because there is no complex systems that could cause that. Hah.

Hey did that 7DRLRL guy finish already? If not he should really add ‘family affairs’ to his game.

2 thoughts on “Cursed family affairs…”

  1. That sucks, man… I know how it feels. They just don’t understand what the Challenge means. I’ll probably add family affairs as a last-day addition to the game. As it happens, I still need a powerful end-game monster! :mrgreen:

    Anyway, I wish you the best of luck! Hopefully you’ll get your todo list done! 😀

    1. @XLambda: XXX.COM rears it’s head and prepares to attack!

      Sidenote: Can a site admin please put the stomp down on these spambots that keep posting garbage on this site?

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