Hellmouth: Day Four & Five

Today I focused on getting Hellmouth into a minimally playable state. This means boring features like an action queue, printing stats in the interface (still filler data, but at least it’s coming from the player object), and so on. However, that’s all boring bullshit compared to the coolest feature added in the past 48 hours:

That’s right – locational damage! The current wound interface prints how many points of damage resulted in each wound on that location. This is mostly a debug tool: since 1 damage on a body part won’t necessarily cause 1 damage to you, the only time you’ll care about anything other than broad ‘fine/hurt/crippled’ brackets is when healing. Note that the values won’t go that high in the game… unless you’re incredibly unlucky.

From here it’s just a hop and a skip to gruesome dismemberment and decapitation for all. In fact, I’ll probably scale my 7DRL down to mostly be a body part damage simulator. Working three days out of my challenge (with a five hour commute each day!) won’t make me fail the challenge, but it will eat into my polishing time dramatically.

So, where did those wounds come from? The NPCs, of course!

Just look at those suckers go! 😀 Currently they just move randomly (and attack whatever they try to move into), but I hope to add some basic AI tomorrow night to make investment into the combat mechanics a bit more fruitful.

There’s more work to be done, of course. Even in writing this post I found two bugs – sorting the wound list isn’t working and the player glyph disappears if you stand still. Back to the code mines!

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  1. Your write up brought a smile to my face and the locational damage display is giving me flashbacks to the few games I ever played of Phoenix Arms (a pen and paper firearms tactical combat system for use with rpgs).

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