I rule, you rule, we all rule old-school Hyrule day 6

It took three hours of mostly dead ends but I was able to make a pretty good ai for your rivals. They also have names, starting equipment, and slightly different personalities – probably not enough to notice though. One thing I’m really proud of is that the ai doesn’t cheat (although I think they do regenerate health). Even when determining if a monster is a threat they look at the same description text you see when looking at it. They’re hard coded to avoid monsters who’s description contains some of the more deadly traits. One trait that foils this plan is “mysterious”. Monsters with that trait will just be described as “mysterious” instead of listing the 3 or 4 traits it has. Just a silly little detail.

I also put in a message log. I think tomorrow will be the help screen, fixing a bug where creatures who can hide end up disappearing forever, and any minor balance issues.

Here I am about to loose to “Lame”. The white forest monsters to the upper left corner are shooting projectiles all over the place. The light blue monster in the lower left corner is a water monster so they must be able to fly in the game. You can’t tell from the static screenshots but the water flows from right to left and the lava tiles slowly cycle through three subtly different colors at random.

Total time: 36 hours

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