MarioRL: Your Roguelike is in another castle

Well, I know the contest isn’t over yet but I’m calling it.  Trying to learn a brand new and extensive scripting language, this being my first roguelike and 7DRL, having no reusable code and taking certain shortcuts when I started the project sunk me.  Yesterday, I realized that I could take one of two routes:
1. Take some more shortcuts and fake the funk to meet the deadline.
2. Give up on finishing the game in time, start recoding it from scratch and make something that would do everyone’s favorite mustachioed Italian justice.

So, that’s what I’m working on now.  I’m starting from scratch with the things I’ve learned.  All in all, it wasn’t an abject failure and now I have some reusable code and concepts and a better idea of how to achieve what I want with MarioRL.  Also, I’ll be able to implement a lot more neat features that I had to scrap previously since I won’t be working with a time constraint.

I will be continuing with this project and when it’s finished I should have a leg-up on next year’s 7DRL.  Salutations to my fellow competitors and I look forward to playing some of your (hopefully) finished projects.  Cheers!

Here’s a screenshot of my reworked mapping.  I also took some time today to expand the graphics package
so the game will play out just like SMB1 from World 1-1 to World 8-4 with discernible Overworld levels, Underground levels, Mushroom levels, Bonus vine/cloud levels, special Pipe rooms with enemies and loot and Castle levels with False Bowser bosses and Bowser on the final level.
MarioRL Reworked Mapping


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