Road Survivor: Day 6

It’s five hours late, but here’s the progress I made on day 6 – I’m now halfway into my allotted time for day 7 but had family obligations which are too enjoyable to prioritise over development work.

First you can see a pretty stock menu.  These were easy as they were just a variation of part of the wonderful Python libtcod tutorial.  Inventory and wielded item selection, are all just variations of the code that draws the following.

Next a rewritten sidebar, shared between different location types the player may find themselves in.  The FoV support is kicking in here at this level of “world” interaction.  It isn’t the right solution but it is good enough for initial efforts.

Lastly, the addition of an inventory system, wielding of items and firing at targets.  You can see the target selection cursor below, and can move it with cursor keys, or can hit tab to toggle through the range of possible targets.  The sidebar features the “card” for the currently selected target.  It still needs to display those of other NPCs the player is involved in, but that’s something I haven’t yet put the time into working out the best algorithm to choose which should be shown – given that more may be present than can fit.  I’m almost tempted to spend my last day experimenting with different UI.

Loot dropping was also implemented, and it was a simple extension (copy and paste) of the spawn generation for NPCs.

At this point, there is no way I can get the game to a state where it can reasonably be called finished by the end of this 7th day.  There’s several more weeks work in fleshing out the code base, let alone solidifying and creating the content to fill it out.  That’s okay though, I did zero planning, wasted the first day on doing the tutorial (as I have mentioned) and I’ve gotten a number of things out of this effort.

  • Inspiration.  If I continue fleshing out the engine to where it is enough to support Road Survivor, I can easily see it being a direct jump right into development of a second fantasy game.  Think gold box games with this a look and feel based on the above.
  • Perspective.  I don’t consider my complete lack of planning to have hampered me in any way.  The general concept I pulled out of the air on the 1st day, and the ideas I have had regarding what it should be like, have pretty much stayed firm.  I haven’t veered from the destination, mostly I’ve been building a way to get there and that’s been the main time sink.
  • Experience.  I had no idea how helpful and useful libtcod was, or how easy it was to develop a game with decent UI and mouse support with it was.  Now that I am familiar with it, developing at least one complete game with it seems like a good addition to my list of “make progress on when I have the time and interest” projects.

Good luck to everyone who is finishing out the contest! 😀

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