swamp monster rl

The other games look very beautiful compared to mine. Still – I finished! Longer writeup, http://trogrd.tumblr.com/

python 2, no colour, vi keys or numeric keypad, extremely primitive ai.

swamp monster rl

To the team from roguelike radio – thanks for making it happen!

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  1. It’s clear from your blog that you are a cool person who really thinks about things. I downloaded your code and tried running it with python 2.7 in windows but it said I had no “termios” lib or something. Still trying- I’ll run it in ubuntu in virtualbox if I have to!

  2. Huzzah! A 7DRL I’ve been able to beat before the time is even up. Works well under Cygwin (for the above windows user)

    One thing – You can’t seem to attack a shambler if they’re standing in water. I get the ‘you can’t swim message’ and am promptly eaten. They also got stuck in places I thought they shouldn’t, and it was over before it became too frantic.

  3. I eventually got it running in ubuntu with virtualbox. I found it really difficult though- I must be missing some mechanic or key. I could plant seeds although my seed count didn’t go down. Shamblers seemed to instant kill me if they could get to me.

    I’d advise looking into the python curses module to try to get the various items coloured if you want to get it looking as good as possibel πŸ™‚

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